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Delivering Transformative Workshops for Your Business

Are you looking to enhance your team’s capabilities in communication, presentations, media interactions and crisis management?

Masterclasses designed to deliver impactful, organization-wide training that equips your team with the skills needed to excel.

arti halai presenting a masterclass at Aljazeera news corp

Targeted Training Areas

Masterclasses designed to transform your team’s approach to communication and leadership.

Powerful Presentations

Empower your team to deliver presentations that engage and persuade. This masterclass covers all aspects of effective presentation delivery, from crafting compelling narratives to handling Q&A sessions confidently.


Prepare your team for interactions with the media, ensuring they can communicate messages clearly and confidently, even under pressure. This masterclass covers essential media skills ranging from interviews to press conferences.


Equip your team with the skills to handle high-stakes situations effectively. This masterclass prepares your business to manage crisis, communicate clearly and protect your reputation.

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Executive Coaching and training services that achieve extraordinary results. 

What To Expect

Bespoke training carefully designed to address your specific needs and aspirations.

Customized Workshops

Every organization is unique – and so are the masterclasses. Each workshop is tailored to address your team’s specific challenges and goals, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Hands-On Training

Interactive and practical masterclasses involving real-world scenarios and exercises. Your team will not only learn new skills but also apply them immediately, ensuring lasting impact.

Expert-Led Sessions

With extensive experience in media, business, and executive coaching, we bring unparalleled expertise to each session, providing your team with the insights and techniques they need to succeed.

A Proven Process

Experience a structured, systematic approach that ensures your growth and development as a leader.

Initial Consultation

We start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your goals, challenges and vision. This initial discussion helps design a coaching plan that aligns perfectly with your needs and aspirations.

Customized Action Plan

Based on our initial consultation, we develop a detailed, customized action plan. This plan outlines specific objectives, milestones and key focus areas that guide our coaching journey effectively.

Intensive One-on-One Sessions

Engage in regular, intensive coaching sessions focused on skill development and personal growth. Our interactive and transformative sessions provide practical, actionable insights tailored to your unique needs.

Real-World Application and Feedback

Apply the strategies and techniques learned during our sessions to your professional environment. Benefit from ongoing feedback to refine your skills and approaches, ensuring continuous improvement.

Review and Adapt

We regularly review your progress against the established objectives and adapt the action plan as necessary. This iterative process ensures that the coaching remains relevant and continues to meet your evolving needs.

Long-Term Support

Enjoy long-term support even after the main coaching engagement concludes. I offer follow-up sessions and additional resources to ensure your continued success and sustained leadership growth.

Ready to Elevate Your Leadership?

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What Clients Say

  • Arti ran a workshop to my Vistage 5 Group at Ragley Hall last week on media training, with outstanding results. There were 23 CEO’s from different industries and her average score for relevance and presentation skills was 97%, the group has been together for several years and thought Arti was one of the best speakers we have had at our meetings. I recommend anyone or organisation who wants to take advantage of media interviews, with confidence to engage Arti as a remarkable individual with outstanding training ability, I will be inviting her back to the group as soon as possible.

    Bob Battye

    Group Chair, Vistage International
  • The way we worked together to get the message and presentation right really made a difference. Some simple skills and techniques which make the difference time after time – delivering speeches which get across point and personality.

    David Richardson

    Regional Managing Director, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets
  • Arti gave a great and engaging course on Powerful Presentations that I will immediately use to improve my presentations at work.

    Tanya McAdam

    Delivery Manager, Methods Analytics
  • As an international law firm DLA Piper strongly believes it is essential that our people are trained in communication skills such as key messages and delivery techniques. We have used Arti for both small groups and one to one communication and presentation skills sessions. Arti has great experience, is insightful, disarming and pleasurable to work with.

    Russell Orme

    Managing Partner, DLA Piper UK LLP
  • I can’t thank you enough for preparing me for my interview with Anne Robinson on Watchdog. Your experience and expertise gave me the confidence and skills I needed to turn what could have been a publicity disaster to a real bonus for our business.

    Hussein Lalani

    Co-founder, 99p Stores Ltd
  • Thanks so much for the media training sessions you held for us. We’ve already had lots of good feedback from those that attended – even those that were sceptical at first – and people are already starting to apply the learning, which is fantastic. I have attended many media training sessions in the past, which have largely been based on theoretical learning, and I’ve got to say the hands-on learning approach you use has been much more effective in building the confidence and capability of our spokespeople.

    Catherine Carey

    PR and Marketing Manager, Consumer Intelligence
  • The media training I did with Arti really helped me focus on my key messages. I had already done some media interviews, but now I better understand what the media wants and as a result have built stronger relationships with the industry, with some great results. Highly recommend this to anyone – I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!

    Mo Chaudry

    Chairman, Waterworld & Ambassador, Destination Staffordshire
  • All of my colleagues found the training extremely valuable and are now much better equipped to both handle media interviews and respond to any sensitive press issues that may arise in the future.

    Mark Newton Jones

    CEO, Shop Direct Group
  • Thoroughly enjoyable. I was apprehensive beforehand but found the training extremely useful and interactive. I feel a lot more confident now if I need to speak to the media (old or new!).

    Paul Beadle

    Station Manager, Virgin Trains
  • Arti is an inspirational coach. Her combination of knowledge and enthusiasm makes the training both effective and enjoyable. The training is pitched carefully to be appropriate for the audience but pushes you beyond your comfort zone. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Arti to others who want to improve their media handling skills.

    Graeme Smith

    Partner, Zolfo Cooper LLP, Corporate Finance
  • The training itself was reassuring, informative and engaging. I found myself wanting to do more and more exercises and role plays so as to perfect my TV interviews!! Arti was a fantastic coach and mentor throughout the day and ensured really detailed feedback for us all. I loved her bubbly personality, delivery style and her energy. She pushed us to deal with our discomforts and weaknesses and I am absolutely convinced that we all left yesterday, far richer in confidence, knowledge and awareness than any of us would have expected.

    Mandy Holden

    Operations Manager, The Midcounties Co-operative
  • Arti has worked with 4 of my Vistage groups so far – and each time it has been amazing, she is extremely knowledgeable, warm, energetic, thought provoking, challenging (in the right way) and an expert at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to hone their presentation skills irrespective of experience.

    Sally Wells

    Best Practice Chair at Vistage UK, Non-Executive Director, Non-Executive Chair, Investor and Advisor

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